Mike and Merin's Engagement Photos.

So Mike is a mechanic and Merin a dancer...honestly they are a perfect match! Mike adores Merin and I have never seen her happier! They really are so great together. We had so much fun taking these pictures and Ted the "scooter guy" was GREAT! What more can I say of these two? I love you guys! Can't wait for that wedding!!!


Suzy Hicks said...

Such a cute couple...I can hardly wait for my announcement. Your blog is so cool, I can't believe you have pics of grandpa Nelson, so cool. Congrats to Daylan as well. Graduating is such a big deal and I know he has worked so hard and you've been crazy busy at home while he's been gone. Congrats to all :)

Jill said...

Holy cow! Suzy just told me today about your blog like I already knew about it or something!!!!! I'm dying....seriously Eden, you are so incredibly talented and creative. Not to mention gorgeous, smart, and fun. Wow, do you just love yourself or what? I refuse to be jealous! BUT do you have time to do my blog? Miss ya, love ya! These pix of everyone are great. Makes me sad we're all so far apart. Cousins rule!