who said the TWO's were terrible?

Well, I hope I'm not jinxing myself as Aubrie and Aidan are still a little shy of two but I must say Maria and I were quite proud of our little tykes today. Nothing terrible about the two's today. All three of the kids played so well together. We had "please" and "thank yous" all over the place. In short it was a great morning. As a mother I really couldn't have asked for more. Well maybe an extra hug and kiss from my kids, but the day isn't over yet.

Deacon was trying to figure out if ants could swim!?! He's a funny kid.


Hhhhhmmmmmm. Tired? Looks like it was a good morning.


Niki Carter said...

It's the terrible threes! Especially with girls! Sorry.

The Sniders said...

Eden you are so talented and your photos are so beautiful! I want to take a photography class now. Your kids are adorable and hope all is well.

Jamie said...

Three is waaaay worse.
Your kids are too freakin' cute. I love all your pics.