The Paquette Family

Ladies, let me introduce Henry to you...He is a little heart breaker, and let me warn you, the way to his heart is NOT through food (I tried to bribe him with a treat, but to no avail). No, he goes against what we have all been taught (lucky for me the way to my mans heart is food. It really simplifies things!). Tucked in his little hands were two very special cars. Henry was my little crush for the afternoon. We had a really great time chasing after this little man. He is a lucky kid, as his parents obviously adore him to bits!!!!


Sara and Dustin said...

i LOVE the first one of Henry. the colors are great! i'm also really excited you're taking our pictures this Christmas. It should be fun!

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Eden, I love looking at your blog it is always fun. I love these pictures you took of the Paquette's (I visit teach Hiedi actually)I just love your work! You should give me some tips one day.. I love photography and when i get a good camera in my hand i love taking pictures, its just i still have so much to learn, i can't wait to go back to school!