Hey everyone I have entered a photo contest and I am super duper excited about it!!!! Ahhhh. Here is the thing I have never won a single thing in my life! Not a bingo game, not a birthday party prize, NOTHING. So I would love it if you would help me make my own luck....the contest includes a voters choice award as well as the judges vote. If you could take a moment and vote for me, you might just be changing my fate! Here is what you do. Simply go to:


and my picture is on the third or fourth page. Image number 44. Cick on the image and vote!

Thanks guys. Wish me luck...

(this is the one)


Jocelyn Allan said...

My email is jocelyn_allan@hotmail dot com.

Heidi Allred said...

done and done! Really great photo!

Unknown said...

Done! What an amazing photo eh!