Annie Leibovitz At Work

Love love love loooove this book. I have heard of it through a few other people and so I round up the troops and we head to the Book Store. Let me warn you though there are too many good books out there. So it you have a weakness for these things (ie. books) go with back up! I had to call Daylan for reinforcements! I can't help it. I'm weak!!! When I get a good book in my hands I have a really hard time putting it down. Its really beyond my control. Am I a book addict? Do I need help? Could it be genetic?...Mom? I think you suffer from the same misfortune as I. Genetic. It must be a genetic default! Sorry, Daylan. It's not my fault the dishes don't get done when I have a good book. But don't start to worry quite yet honey, I am going to try to take this one in little bites. This time it's different. A little here a little there...
This is an AMAZING book. Anyone interested in photography should really take a moment to look this one through. Was this for Valentines? Love ya!

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