"I love you
a bushel and a peck
a bushel and a peck
and a hug around the neck
a hug around the neck,
and a barrel and a heap
a barrel and a heap,
and I'm talkin' in my sleep
about you."

Aubrie, you are my little love. It's days like today when I am feeling a little down and you love me and hug me and kiss me all over that I can't help but feel lifted. You are such a blessing to me.
love mom.

(if you want to see a few more, go to the main site and click on [client] her password is [aubrie].)


Merin said...

Eden, these are absolutely stunning. Fantastic pictures. What a beautiful daughter you have!

Cheri said...

Sweet and sensitive and so spunky too! a true portrait of darling Aubrie. What absolutely beautiful pictures. You have a true gift Eden.

day said...

love love love (2) - this one just sticks out to me...like it's 3D. I can just hear her saying "oh my gosh" - such a classic Aubs moment.

janet l moran said...

these are so sweet. She is such a pretty little girl, those cheeks are so plump! My mom sang that song to me when I was little, it's one of my favs.

Hannah said...

she is soooo soft, and these pictures capture that perfectly. ohhh little aubs, we love her!

Suzy Hicks said...

She is so adorable, I want to squeeze those little cheeks! Have fun in NYC, I have no advice to give b/c I've never been there....sad but true.

b.liz said...

Ohmy...I just can't get enough of your little Aubs. She is a doll.

Also, this song is another of my favorites...I'm so glad you reminded me of the "Miss Polly had a dolly song" in Montana too. Now I sing it all the time to FK.

Jill said...