The River Bottom and The Long House

These are from this weekends family reunion in Mountain View AB. It was my grandma's Henderson reunion and it was so fun. We had a chance to visit with everyone and then we headed on down to the River Bottom! This is the property where my Grandma grew up and its so incredibly beautiful. It's full of childhood memories for me as we would camp along the river bend as kids with Dad and Grandpa (and all those COWS!). It was also fun to hear Grandma's stories as she walked us through her memories of the property. I am so grateful to be surrounded by family who love me! Thanks for all your hard work this weekend Grandma we love you!!!

(this last picture is of my Grandpa's "long house". The architect was Gordon Atkins. This is a beautiful home and I only wish I could tell you every story I remember from the "farm". My Grandpa died when I was a teenager of lung cancer and the house was sold a few years after. This was the first time I had been back since then and it was really neat be in that space again.)

(all these were taken with the Canon Elph)


Merin said...

What a fun weekend. I want to see all the pics!

Unknown said...

grandpa's old property was so nice

Jamie said...

Cool! Does your fam still own that house? Beautiful place!

Eden Lang said...

no! it really was beautiful. wish I could show you the inside! oh the memories.