Sisters Shoot.

Three brothers and me.
That's how it was for the first 7 years of my life.
Then Merin came along and I had this instant best friend. She would do anything I asked (wow, that was maybe abused a bit, sorry mer.) and she would follow me everywhere. I love my sister. Really really love you Mer!!! Now when Tracy called and asked if I would do a "sisters shoot" of her two girls I was just giddy about it! I knew Jane from a wedding earlier this summer and couldn't wait to meet her sister. Jane and Molly, cherish what you have. There is nothing quite like a sister.


Cheri said...

I only wish that you could do a shoot of yourself and your sister - what a treasure that would be for me! These pictures will be a treasure for these sweet sisters - love this job.

MA said...

Lovely photos! Was that top picture taken on the steps of a school in the NW...just off of
16th ave? I am sure all old schools in Calgary look the same, but was just wondering. Thanks.

Eden Lang said...

Yes it was, it's just around the corner from where the girls live. So fun!!! I love old schools.

Jenn Murray said...


Great pictures of janeo, molly and olive! Just absolutely adorable! You are just so talented, I feel so much emotion with all your pictures.

- Jenn

H and E said...

Seriously sisters are the best, I don't know what I would do without them even though I am far away! These pictures are great and really capture there love! I hope you can link to my blog but if not it is handenelson.blogspot.com