The Angerilli Family

Every stage with children has its beauty. There is always something fun and new. The first doll to the first date...I loved talking to Brenda about these things as we walked home from the shoot. She told me of her stories and I related some of mine back. Does it ever scare you how fast they grow up? I held Deacon after he read me a story last night and swear it was moments ago that I was holding him to rock him to sleep. Now he is asking if he can read one more story before lights out. My little man can read! That's grown up. Brenda's little ones are growing up too. But you still have to snuggle them. The Angerilli family is a kind, and loving one. Brenda and Jay, I hope my kids grow to be as sweet and kind as yours.



Cheri said...

Love the first two pictures of the kids! So much personality - very fun. And the daughter in the pretty thistle fluff...and the kids and the dog....and the family in the snow.
I love your blog and your view and your art. Thanks for taking/making the time to do it. I look forward to each new post - seriously ( I am a serial EdenLangPictures blog checker lol).
Beautiful pictures every time, something a little different for each client, every occassion. Wow.


love the apple! and thanks for always commenting on my work.. it helps me to keep moving forward.

H and E said...

I am starting to believe you only photography models, WOW what a beautiful family...I love all the pictures!