Something So Cute.

This is my little sister. I love her more than words. She has talent oozing from her toes. I'm not kidding! She is the most talented ballet dancer, teacher, such an amazing Aunt to my kids, and IF you can imagine it...best of all she is the perfect sister. I love you Merin! (don't feel left out Mike, I love you too!)



esther.beazer said...

looks fun! love merin's scarf! you guys are both so beautiful!

H and E said...

Oh man I miss Merin, she is so beautiful and probably one the sweetest girls I know!!!

Mike and Merin said...

Oh, thanks Eden. Mike and I love the pictures!!!! Can't wait to print some of those suckers!

Cheri said...

I really love these pictures of Merin and Mike. Really, really.