Onward and Upward

I can't believe those eyes. They are so excited. We are at the Theaters, her fingers are literally dripping with butter from the popcorn and she leans over to her brother and whispers..."I think someone needs to press play". More popcorn tumble to her lap. Older and wiser Deacon carefully explains to his sister that the Theaters are different than watching a movie at home. They continue to whisper back and forth, and I look across the seats to my Daylan. I wished I had my camera with me. The light bouncing off the curves of their faces, I love moments like these. Aubrie interrupts my thought as a fist full of glistening popcorn is very generously being offered. How can I decline?
This year I hope to have more patience with those sweet ones of mine. So when 5:00am rolls around and Deacon is eager to start the day, I can deal. I hope to make meal plans at the beginning of each week instead of 15 minutes before we all want to eat...that's a start to the newer better me.

Happy New Years!
Love the Langs.


Cheri said...

Now that's what I call making a commitment - going public and in print with your New Year's Resolutions! You'll have to keep them now.

I love your new map - it looks amazing. So do the kids, and you guys and the pictures are cool too.

Niki Carter said...

I love the one of you guys kissing! That's so cute!

H and E said...

Seriously you guys are the cutest family ever! These pictures are amazing and in my eyes you are already the perfect mom, wife, and career woman so I don't know how you can get better in 2010 but I am sure you will try!

P.S. Still no baby, getting a little discouraged but trying to stay positive!

Eden Lang said...

oh Emily, I wonder how many times I will read this! lol. you are so incredibly sweet. Thanks for your support. good luck with the baby. it can't possibly too much longer!!!
love Eden.

day said...

Happy new year. xo

Hannah said...

what a cute family, goodness you guys, too perfect!

janet l moran said...

Beautiful pics...love Aubrie's braided hair. I too will be trying to set the bar a bit higher in the kitchen, cereal night no more!

Seriously, those are two really great resolutions.

paula said...

you all are gorgeous. how did you do your daughters hair like that, I am thinking my ellie would love it.

Eden Lang said...

thanks paula, it's so easy. just a french braid, picking up from the one side only! "crown hair" Aubrie loves it!