Mark and Isaac Litchfield.

My heart swells with pride as I watch my brothers reach beautiful milestones in their lives. I love to just be with my brothers. To stand next to them and know that I belong. I hope they know how much I love and adore them. Three strong, lovely men. Merin and I are both so lucky to have their support and warmth. Mark and Tiffany, Isaac is so, so, soooo- perfect:) I am so happy for the two of you! And he is one lucky little guy to be blessed with an older brother with such a gentle and sweet personality.
Sending all my love to the Mark Litchfield family.

Eden (your very proud big sister).

Contax 645


Anonymous said...

Love the photos, cute baby Mark and Tiff!

Tiffany. said...

Ahh Eden,

Honestly I get so giddy when I see these Pictures.
They are just absolutely gorgeous,
they both look so Handsome your so talented
Thank you so much
We adore everything you have done & all your hard work.

-Love Tiffany <3

Anonymous said...


Lindsay said...

aw marky, what a perfect little baby! i wish we lived near all you guys. great photos eden

Melanie Rudd said...

Divine Eden,
Beautiful photos, beautiful daddy and beautiful baby!

Melanie Rudd said...

Divine Eden,
Beautiful photos, beautiful daddy and beautiful baby!

Spencer and Laura said...

Oh Eden, what a precious little baby!! He is so very, very sweet. Congrats to your brother and his family.

Flora said...

Gorgeous. Ummm....is it wrong to be jealous of Mark's beautiful hair?

maria lang said...

so sweet. love the quiet little moments. these are just breathtaking!!! congrats to Mark and Tiffany!

Cheri said...

I DO love these and I can't decide on a favorite but the very last one, with the wrinkly forehead ..... that is awfully sweet.
The skateboards on the wall are very cool!

H and E said...

Congrats to your brother, so fun to have another little one added to your family! I love all the photos of the daddy and son!