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I love the special touches little girls add to their outfits. This time, its a shoelace in lieu of a necklace and layers and layers of chapstick:) Two's can be undeniably difficult but I have to say so-much-fun! I adore watching my girls grow and play and my nieces insisting on wearing dresses EVERYDAY;) Its so so girlie and so much fun. So we are diving into everything girlie this weekend. We are painting our nails and curling our hair and by the end of it all we should be walking on clouds, or at least have some big grins on some little faces.




Cheri said...

She's so beautiful...... Love the curls :)


Very sweet!
I would have to agree the the two's can be difficult, but i think there is something magical about this age as well. They are learning and growing so much. It is such a wonder to watch their little personalities develop. Porter is asserting his independence these days and always wants to do everything "all by himself".

maria lang said...

girls really are so much fun! I love watching our girls grow up! and i love OUR girl time too. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to these pictures and stare at them. There is a bit of mystery about them that makes me want to peak around the corner They are just so great and she is so beautiful!