Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

This trip was so fun for me! Daylan teases me with threats of trips often, telling me he had already purchased our tickets to PARIS?!?! Only to find out after the: "No?! Really?! are you kidding me?!?" to the "well....not exactly, I just needed to know if you would be interested, but now that I know, we can look into it."...he says to me with that big grin that softens my heartbreak at the realization that I am not actually going to Paris for my 10 year!!!! I can laugh about it now (kind of;). So one year after that traumatization, when he passes me a paper with what seemed like another threat-of-a-trip I smiled and said "ya...that would have been fun." Only this time we did pack our bags and leave the kids with my parents for 4 days. Then hopped on that plane to PalmSprings:) We did nothing and everything. No pressure, no major sights demanding our attentions. Just a few hikes and Joshua Tree. I loved every little moment of this trip with Daylan. It was fun to reconnect and feel the flutters in my belly again:) To hold his hand 'cause I didn't have toys or sippies or little ones in my arms. (I do love those moments too but it was nice to just be a him and her again.) Thank you for such an amazing trip Daylan! And Mom and Dad for watching my rug rats so I could be indugled like this! Love you!!!


p.s. I am not sure if I have anyone with me still on my blog as its been a while (sorry!) but if you are still there (thank you for your support!!) and if you wanted to follow me I'm having a lot of fun with instagram lately! I'm HERE.



Jonathon said...

these are great pictures and it looks like it was a true taste of the desert! so cool. I love them - such a different palate but still so Eden.

I particularly like the image of you on the side of the road.

thanks for posting! I've been DYING for a new post!

Cheri said...

I too have been anxious for new material. Love seeing the pics from your trip - looks like it was exactly perfect. Some awesome stuff here for sure.

Welcome back!


Karen said...

EDEN, you are so talented! I found your blog last night and spent almost 3 hours browsing it! So much to say, but mostly, I love you!!! Your family is gorgeous!

Jannemccue said...

Beautiful pictures. It looks like you had a lovely, relaxing holiday.

Amber Joy said...

I am still here. I always enjoy the blog posts and have missed them. I have three kids though, and understand that blogging doesn't always make it into the top 20 things to do for the day.

I, too, hoped for Paris for our 10th. Instead I spent it in bed with my firstborn one week old baby. It was all worth it, of course, but I still cringe a little to think about it. Wondering if just maybe we will make it there for our 20th??? Now, with three little ones, 4 and under, I know it's not happening any time soon.

Thanks for the photos, Eden, you've inspired me to at least plan a date night....

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Oh you sold me on the desert! What a beautiful scene. I love your eye for beauty.
Kent and I had a getaway recently, so your comments ring so true. I love that you get in the pictures too. I'm trying to somewhat teach Kent so I can be sure to be a part of our tangible memories too.

I love all these images! The two of you in baseball caps is a favourite though, and you in the coral dress, and Daylan in the front of the massive trees? fiddling with a camera I think... and the landscapes.... yup all of them!

You always inspire. I love your instagrams and really I just like you!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I was wondering where you were, and missing you. I am glad to see new pictures. As always, wonderful pictures, and wonderful words. The pictures are full of love and joy.


Unknown said...

Still here! Still loving the pics (and following on instagram also!


Unknown said...

Just love you, your photos, and your blog Eden! Also loving your insta-pics. xo, Michelle

maria lang said...

I'm so happy you had such an amazing trip!!! These photos are soooo stunning and are really making me wish I tagged along ;) love you! xoxo
p.s. you guys are sooooo beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Eden - i loved this trip and for some reason that whole paris thing seemed like such a good idea at the time...maybe i wanted to tease you a little bit too...but now i know. right! xo - day

Hannah said...

Looks like so much fun, and seriously I didn't realize how stunning the desert could be

Elizabeth said...

Still here and still loving every post. Beautiful and so talented.