a simple sunny day.

We were on our way home from Deacon's dentist appointment when Aubrie declares that she needs to visit the ladies room. So I frantically look for an emergency exit off 14th street (as we are still in the very tender stages of potty training) and I found this park to be my nearest ally. Once the potty was out and her little panties were down she realizes that maybe it was a false alarm!?! Well we decide to break at the park anyways and this is what we found.

Getting to be best pals.

the difference between boys and girls!

Aubs fell and skinned her knee so when she was feeling a little cautious Deacon took her hand. If only it were always this simple.

Sweet and loving Deacon. Sharing his snack with his sister...

and then there is this. "RRRRRRRRRRRaaaaaaaaaa-"


Karen said...

i love your pictures! I wish i could take pictures half that good! :)

Jocelyn Allan said...

Wow Deacon got so big! When did that happen?