Yaaarrr Me Harties!!!!

My morning started with those famous words..."Mom I board! What can I do? Moooom!!!" So we pulled out the dress-up box and I attempted to make a pirate ship for the crew (a blanket over the table!!! Ha-ha a meager attempt I know, but Daylan was at work so we did our best without him). Treasure map in hand we set out to find our treasure!

It takes time to get all geared up so Aubrie patianly waited with the tv. In the zone (watching In The Night Garden) nothing but her brother can bring her out at this point.

"yyyyaaaarrrrr!" Welcome to the pirate ship.

Meet the crew.

Captain Deacon AKA eagle eyes, on the lookout.

I doubt you will ever meet anyone or anything more fierce and terrifying then this face!

K. Honestly I just want to squeeze him. But I'm not sure Captain Deacon would appreciate it so much.

Well, I think we get pints for trying. Right?

Captain Deacon retiring his bandanna! I think now I will smother him with those hugs and kisses!


Niki Carter said...

You are such a fun Mom. I wish I was more creative. Your kids are adorable! These pictures are so much fun! I need a good camera. How much do I have to spend??? Help! I love this post! So much fun!

Unknown said...

I have to agree with Nik, this looks like so much fun!! I 'm sad I missed out...I will have to see if I can convince captain eagle eyes to set sail again later. Love ya

Carissa said...

this sounds so fun! Deacon is hilarious! we can't wait to see you guys at christmas!

Maria Lang said...
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Niki Carter said...

Never punish yourself to prove a point! It will always backfire! I learned that the hard way!

Jamie said...

I think those are the cutest 3 pirates I've ever seen!