Sleep Overs!!!

What to do at girlie slumber parties is obviously one of our basic instincts cause these girls are under two and need no instructions! After bath time they squirmed out of my arms and ran for Auntie Kristens bed. They had so fun. Come to think of it I think I'm due for another Girls Night Out. What do you think Daylan?!


Unknown said...

Wait a sec, let's discuss WHO is due for the night out thing, cuz I'm thinking it's the boys turn...were you including the 3 nights of "girls night out" just last week? or just the one so far this week? I'm thinkin we need to even the score up there bud...sooo, here's the deal, I'll concede your girlie nights to date for golfing Friday with Scotty and Rich...that sounds pretty fair to me. Thanks babe!


ps. I already told Rich that I could go...

Cheri said...

I remember how much fun it was to jump on beds (and that we were strictly not allowed) but I cannot imagine wanting to do it again! They look so careful and innocent - a great moment to catch. Good job - again. I especially like the last shot of Aubs.