When K.Lee.Lang.Boutique contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted to get some pictures done for the launch of their new look/new website, I was thrilled! First off I L-O-V-E...hhhmmmm how do I put this with out sounding shallow? (Insert long awkward pause....) Well...I just love to shop!!! Shoes, coats, PURSES, hats, purses, socks, and maybe even purses?! It was really a lot of fun taking almost 100 purses downtown and capturing their unique little selves!!! I wanted - and I lusted - after those purses with each shutter release. Thanks to Kristen and her purses I have a Christmas wish list that puts my son's to shame!!! I just have to remind myself as I do him, "Christmas is about giving and we need to think of how we can make others happy at Christmas...la dee da dee dum" you know the shpeel. You really must see this site though and perhaps add a few items to your Christmas list as well!



Heidi Allred said...

Oooooo.. Looks like so much fun! Lucky you have such a photogenic sister too!

Eden Lang said...

Indeed! She is beautiful! thanks for all your help mer.

Niki Carter said...

Wow, she really does make a great model. I haven't heard from you for a while. Have you been keeping up with my blog?