How do you take your Tea?

There is a first for everything. And we all know how important the firsts can be. So when Aubs had her first Tea Party I couldn't help but get the camera. Did you happen to notice those stunning earring the little Mrs. was wearing? I asked her if they were from "the Mr." and she replied with a polite but dry "yes". Then we continued with appropriate Tea Party conversation, such as the weather, and how delicious the Tea was.

Lets be real here though. Aubs is TWO. This is a sweet lovely two year old moment. Unfortunately, lately they seem to be few and far between. If anyone has any secrets on how to control a two year old...pleeeeeease do tell!!!!


Cheri said...

One just has to realize that two year olds cannot be controlled or reasoned with - just won't happen. You just have to love them and who couldn't/wouldn't love Aubs? She is so adorable and her first Tea Party looks like heaven. She is so lucky to have such a talented mom!!!

Merin said...

Ha! Oh Aubs! What an adorable tea party...and how priviledged I feel to have participated in a "first"!

Ok, so totally unrelated BUT I love ALL the pics on your blog right now. I just havent looked in a while. Jonathon looks like hes doing a magazine photoshoot! Mary Anne's pics, you know I love them. same with spackman family pics. OH! DID I MISS A THING A DEACONS SCHOOL? I feel bad! I didnt know about it though. anyway, it has been a pleasure looking at your blog! (I think im starting to write like mikey...????)

Love ya sister!!

Jamie said...

Those pictures are TOO cute!!! As for two-year-old tips - ha ha ha ha. I got nothing. Do you have any four-year-old tips? Mine is waaaaay worse than my two-year-old! :)

Jocelyn Allan said...

I love the kissing pic! So cute. Hey I was wondering if you could recommend a place in Calgary that my in-laws could get some pictures blown up? They want to go to a good place.

Unknown said...

Eden, Wow!
You have a serious gift. Good for you for sharing it.
I told your mom that we would love to have you take some pictures in the summer when we look "kissed by the sun", winter in Canada is oh so long!
Amazing pictures Eden!
Carrie Dunning