A few years ago (when Daylan was in University and working nights) I would get together with my Grandma Jan every Monday night. We'd have dinner and she would show me the genealogy she had been working on. This might sound excruciating (the genealogy part)...but it wasn't! I LOVED Monday nights with Grandma. She had taken all her old beautiful family pictures and put them on DVDs to preserve them. Every week we learned more about the our family. I felt proud to be a part of that line. The pictures were the genealogy. I loved photography before this but from this point on I had a new appreciation for it.

This is Nana, Doris Lang. She is an amazingly strong woman. I admire her and love her. She is my husbands Grandma, a tough gal. A beautiful woman. Here is a little tid bit of genealogy...

I took these images of Doris, along with her testimony and created a book. I gave it to my Father in law for Christmas. I feel so indebted to my family. They are all such an amazing support to me. Thank you a million times over! xox

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Cheri said...

These pictures show so sweetly the beauty of age. What a wealth of experience she has had. I love the one of her hands - so beautiful.