Earlier this week my dear little brother (who really isn't so little any more) asked if we would like to go to Alberta Ballets Fiddle and the Drum. Hmmmmmm lets just think about this for a minute...are you kidding me! So last night my sisters and mother and a good friend and I dug deep into our closets and found those fancy boots, and favorite high heels and we were off! It was great to get out and spend some time with the girls, and indulge in some sweet lava cake, BUT let me tell you- this ballet was FANTASTIC. No really it was amazing. Please do go if you have the chance. Its a modern ballet piece which premiered two years ago however this year is the first year its been a full length ballet. Joni Mitchell's work was beautiful as well. I give it five stars with two thumbs up!

(above images are courtesy alberta ballet)

thanks to my sweet mom for taking this picture of us girls at the ballet, aaaaaand thanks again Thomas for the ballet tickets. Luv you!

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