Spackman Family in Montana

"I'm going to marry that guy!" -Aubrie
"Who Drew?"-Me
"Nooooo, that guy." (she points intensely at Walker on the computer screen, the older of the two boys) "Yes Walker....I'm going to marry Walker and Dad."-Aubrie

Wow, she is almost three and already she is after boys. I must say though how much I adored the Thompsons. They are an amazing young family. Beth and Stuart, you two were such an inspiration to me. I think when I grow up I want to be you! The truth is that the Spackmans are a really beautiful family. Thanks again for having us.


Cheri said...

Oh Eden! What beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!! Love the one of Holly....and Beth and the baby....and Sara's family.....and her girls....
Great job.

Flora said...

Eden - you are amazing! The photos are fantastic! You are so, so talented! It was so fun to spend time with your little family this weekend.

b.liz said...

I'm sure Walker will be chasing after that darling Aubrie when she turns sixteen! That's so cute.

Oh, and did I mention how beautiful the photos turned out!? You always impress, Eden.

Holly said...

These photos are fabulous (as usual)! I love how you caught each of the little family’s personalities. And you managed to get a picture of me with both eyes open - that is not an easy task!
Thanks Eden.