a dash of delight.

I laid in bed with Aubrie this evening waiting for the excitement of the day to slow down a little, and for that sleepy look to finally find her. As I waited, snuggled under the sheets (wishing sleep on the both of us) she whispered to me as she touches my nose (sounding younger and older than she is at the same time), "I love you little one". I tried to suppress a smile as I was trying to remind her of how tired she really was. Again she touches my nose and whispers..."I love you little one". This time a smile escapes me and she grins back.

I LOVE being a mother!!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Niki Carter said...

That was sweet. Wish I could get to know her.

Cheri said...

If I could touch your nose I, too, would say "I love you little one" - I do. Being a mother is the icing on my cake of life, my career of choice, and being a grandmother is the cherry on that icing. Aubrie just breaks my heart in the best possible way.

And that picture of her may possibly be favorite of her (among the many that I love).

H and E said...

Ok she is the sweetest thing in the whole world. You are an inspiration to me as a wonderful mother..thanks!

Jane said...

I love this picture!

Jamie said...

I love moments like this!

janet l moran said...

what a sweet moment. You write as well as you capture with film.