What's That?!

Little Lexi is growing up. She was just six weeks old when we did our first shoot. Now she is 17 months and is a little conversationalist! If she was at a loss for words she would shout out "what's that". Not really sure if it was a question or mearly a distraction. Either way she was absolutely adorable, and so much fun to shoot. Besides that it is always fun working with friends.


Megan L. said...

Look at those curls, blue eyes, blond hair...I think she is just too cute!

great pic's as usual!

I love this shoot.

Tiffany said...

Beautiful family.

Thank you for sharing.

sam peters said...

I like how these have a retro(?) vibe to them.

that dress is really cute.

Sam Peters.
(first time commenting but I love the blog)


wow i can't believe how big she is either. I guess we have been away from that ward a long time now! Love it eden! and thanks for all your supportive comments on my work, means a lot to me!

Merin said...

Ah! GORGEOUS family. Geeezz..... Great job Eden ;)

H and E said...

She is such a cutie, great pictures Eden you are amazing. You will see when you come over Hank and i have a wall with frames but no pictures in them, I am hoping someday soon you can help us out to fill them up! ha ha