My Aubrie.

My sweet little girl. I am so sorry you are sick. But I do love how you come and snuggle me while I read. And tell me your funny stories. And how easily you drift off to sleep next to me. I love you.


paula said...

It seems our babies are feeling the same way, so sad, yet I love all the cuddles too.

Jonathon said...

Sucks that Aubs is sick! Poor little girl. Your house looks pretty dope though!

Cheri said...

Love to Aubs- hope she is better really soon.

Jocelyn Allan said...

So sorry she is sick (we deal with that a lot around here too). I must say...I wish I had you around my house all day to take beautiful pictures of my children! I always feel guilty that my poor family will only have overexposed and poorly shot pictures to look back on! I love all your pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

She looks so adorable. Hopefully she is doing better today. Love ya.


H and E said...

Oh poor Aubrie, I hope she is feeling better. I had a sick baby around here too, not fun!

janet l moran said...

we have that chair too! Did yours come with lots of pot under the seat cushion? We bought it used and it's previous owner had been smokin' some bud for many years. BTW, I think we are living the same life in separate places.
1. We both have womb chairs.
2. We are both pulling up carpet from our basements
3. We both bought 60's mod fixer houses
4. We like to take pictures

It's amazing!

I'm being silly, but I am really excited to see what you guys do with your house. We feel very overwhelmed with the amount of work that ours needs.