Milk in my cereal.

Remember when I was five and your were 7, you would come over to play with my brother. I really liked that. Do you remember when I was 17 and you were 19, I saw you at the church Halloween dance. I really liked that too. I was also thinking about the time I called you after your mission. I was 21 and you were 23, and I took you to a modern dance performance. We sat close, and I thought...I really really like you. Next we got married and I thought, I am the luckiest girl. Now as I sit here and listen to you defuse a situation with the kids regarding LEGO I am thinking I really am the luckiest girl. My love, you are an amazing Father. Thank you for always putting milk in the kids cereal in the mornings. Bike rides in the evenings...every little thing you do. You are our hero! We love you. And please don't be mad that I am posting these pictures. You are just too cute not to. Seeing as you never let me take your picture, when you finally agreed to it I just had to. Happy Fathers Day.


H and E said...

Daylan is such a stand up guy, I love your tribute. What a great father's day surprise!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is a surprise, I figured you were up to something when I was leaving this morning. You are too sweet.

Love you lots.


Niki Carter said...

You have one hot hubby! Lucky you . . . lucky him. Glad you are happy! :)

Unknown said...

This is possibly the sweetest post I have ever read :) xx