Mexico | Holga

Sometimes the sweetest moments come to us in our everyday. As I bath the kids, or wait in line at the grocery store. Those sweet candid moments we get with the ones we love are so precious. If I don't write them down at the end of the night in my journal they often drift away. Recently we took a family vacation to Mexico and as I go through the pictures from our trip I feel a great respect and love for photography. What a beautiful little thing it is to be able to hold a memory.


Maria Lang said...

What a fun trip! Great pictures!

Amber Joy said...

I need to get a pattern to make that sweet bonnet. It would be perfect for my baby Autumn. What sweet photos.

Eden Lang said...

Hi Amber,

The bonnet is actually from a dolls pattern for a cute dress and bonnet. My wonderful mom simply made it a little bigger to fit Ysa. If you would like I can get you the pattern number.


Cheri said...

Beautiful thoughts and so very true. I love that you are so willing to share your talent to 'hold a memory' - thanks sweetie.

The pictures are fantastic too, as always.

Amber Joy said...

Yes, yes, yes, I would love to know about the pattern. Thank you.