Aubrie is 5.

and I wanted to do something special for her. Its been a tough year for all of us and she has been such a sweet and constant little angel for me. Never unkind to her little sister. Never. That is something that continues to impress me about her. She is always so sensitive to Ysa's feelings and if she thinks I am having a hard day she will wrap her little arms around me and whisper the most lovely words. Words that are just for me and I hold them so close.

Her "dream" lately has been to ride a horse "one day". She would talk of riding a horse as if it were such a stretch. We called my Great Uncle and set things up for a little girls dream come true. We went riding in the prairies. It was absolutely stunning on my Great Grandma's property. A place that holds so many memories for my Mom and I.  I was so thrilled I could do something special for my little five year old. (So many more pictures to share a little later on.)

Happy Birthday Aubrie!

Fuji FP100C (instant film)
Polaroid Land camera.


Maria Lang said...

Happy Birthday sweet Aubrie! We love you!

Jamie said...

So cute - the stories and the photo!

Twyla said...

Happy Birthday Aubrie!

Anonymous said...

she is a little angel, i can't get over her being 5 already! wasn't it so fun to see her nervous excitement. love the photo.


H and E said...

5??? Are you kidding me? I swear it was just yesterday she was coming into sumbeams and would only sit on my lap! Give that birthday girl a big hug from Emily and Blakely!!!