Letting go of summer.

Fuji 400h


-As we start to dress a little warmer with fall here, my heart drops just a beat or two as I think of how I am going to miss those rosy cheeks. Those sweet white bottoms in contrast to tanned little legs. So much changes in a years time with kids in the home. Next summer will be quite different than the one we've just finished. And maybe that's why I am reluctant to let go of each tender stage of their childhood. But I am still also aware of the sweet quiet moments waiting for us as winter closes in.


Cassandra Allred said...

Well look at how perfect Aubrie is!!
Really...such a beautiful photo Eden!

Day said...

I dig the images you are able to capture with the holga - very cool.

Cheri said...

The best part of being a mother is that each stage has its special golden glow. The trick is to remember that and to be able to recognize it. I am so glad that you can. I am still cherishing mothering you.

Love you so much.

H and E said...

Ahh, I am with you. I don't want it to go away. Things just seem so easy and fun in the summer. But you are such a good mommy you always cherish everyday. I hope to be more like you and relax a little and take in the moment.

Anonymous said...

Yes good-bye. *sniff*