Ewan Litchfield. Honestly! I don't think he could be any better than this:) So tiny, so sweet, so beautiful. Here he is at only 24 hours old. I am a very proud Auntie:) 
Lots and lots of love,

Contax 645


kati said...

i just love this family so much, your photos of them are so wonderful.

Suzy Hicks said...

such a darling little boy. Nothing beats a brand new baby. I loved catching up on your blog. Looks like you've been busy and all the kids are growing too big and too fast. And Mexico!?! SO fun! xoxo.

Jonathon said...

I love it when I check your blog and hit the jackpot!

These pictures of Ewan are so great. I can't wait to see the little dude. Looking at them I can almost feel his satiny skin and down-like hair. He looks so warm and squishy and cute. Thomas and Hannah must be so tickled with their family. Who wouldn't be?!

Thanks for the incredible post Eden.

Cheri said...

These are precious. I think my favorite may be the third from the last - but that's only think. I love each one.
Thanks for these Eden :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Aren't brand new babies the best things ever!!. Congratulations little family.

This goes without saying Eden, "beautiful pictures", but I bet it's nice to hear.

maria lang said...

oh sweet baby. new babies are the best. congrats to Thomas and Hannah! They must feel so lucky to have these images. so soooo sweet.

H and E said...

My baby hungry notch just went up 30 percent! Perfection