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Life can be so sweet when everything comes together:)

Contax 645


Cheri said...

Your number one fan here! These are so pretty - soft and warm and expressive. So easy to see how in love they are with their sweet baby. I love the record of where they are (between houses) with the packing in the frame - brilliant! And the colours - again and always - you are SO good!!!


Elizabeth Cranmer said...


Hannah said...

ohhhh, I LOVE new babies, and you are the very best their is at capturing their warm, soft, newness. What a beautiful family, I also have a soft spot for tiny red heads :) Incredible Eden.

Anonymous said...

them all snuggled on the couch with their puppy - cool...makes me want a dog, got all the babies i can handle, we should get a dog. Great shoot.

xo - day

Sherry said...

You've done such an amazing job of capturing the essence of this very special time for our family, Eden. Thanks so much!