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I have writen and rewriten words for these pictures, but nothing seems right. So I just sit and wait.

...and as I look at my beautiful sister a whirl of emotions swirl through my belly but in the end its love and happiness that I feel. Tears can sting my eyes, damp fingers resting below and I can feel the pain of my loss but its ok. I have sweet memories of our past and faith for the whats ahead. I can tell our sweet girl all them amazing little things I want so deperately for her to know about her Mom and Dad waiting Heaven. So for now on nights like tonight when I want just a little bit more than I can have of her I will hurt and then welcome the wave of love and warmth I feel as I reminisce over photos and memories.

With love,


Amber Joy said...

You are in my prayers as you experience the ebb and flow of pain and comfort. Thank you for sharing these things. I experience such fear and anxiety that tragedy could strike me in this way. It bolsters my faith to see others who actually have experienced such things pressing on and living beautiful lives in the aftermath of great pain.
Peace to you tonight....

maria lang said...

every bump in the road you've encountered thus far has been handled with grace and beauty and with complete faith. your strength amazes me. love you so. xoxo

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Thank you for sharing. Your Faith and love is just beautiful. I love these images. You can tell that you really saw her! That you knew and loved her. Ysa is so blessed to have you to tell her about the Marin you knew.

Cheri said...

I am incredibly grateful for all the beautiful pictures you have taken of Merin. I loved them when they were new but they all the more precious now. Thank you for using the gift you have and for sharing it so lovingly. We are all blessed by it. This particular set of pics are among my very favorite perhaps because they show a Merin I saw so often.

She always loved you - it was sweet to see as a mother - and knew that you loved her too. An eternal bond, now with Ysa shared.

Love you forever and always...Mom

Sara Court said...


You are quite possibly my favourite photographer. The images you capture are perfect. All of them.

Aside from your incredible talent behind the lens, I find myself craving your words, especially regarding Merin, Michael, and Ysa. I love your honesty and integrity. The raw emotions you are able to convey with a few simple words and your beautiful pictures have been a great source of comfort to me (I can only imagine the impact you have had on those closest to you and your loves ones).

Thank you for so generously sharing such an intimate part of your heart.