Ben and Chelsey
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With love,

Contax 645


Cheri said...

What a gorgeous wedding! And you have done an incredible job. Again.

Bravo! Always love your work and this is a great post.

day said...

Wow eden, such a cool weeding location, i want to see more! those mountains look amazing in the background!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your husband; what an amazing local for a wedding! As usual, you have captured the magic and mystery of the day as only you can!

Maria Lang said...

Eden, these are so beautiful, but then again I knew they would be. xo

shanan said...

Eden, I love these. Great work.

Amber Joy said...

beautiful! Eden, you are my favorite photographer! I love your vision and how you make everyone look so great even when they aren't smiling. (I find that I never like non smiling photos of myself, which is why I notice that). I've been loving watching your instagram too. Your children are gorgeous!