Trapper Tenting, Alberta edenlang4

We're sitting in a deep freeze. Frost, snow, ice, white-white-white, and I find I am craving even just the color green. Three times this past week I have dreamt of soft, cool grass under my bare feet and I wake up feeling refreshed. Ridiculous, I know! As its mid February we have a ways to go before that green will even begin to think about making an appearance, so I will have to be happy with day dreaming of warmer days for the time being:) These were taken on our last family fall camping trip, and if you are looking for a little green too maybe they will make you smile just a little. With love, Eden. Contax 645


Elizabeth Cranmer said...
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Elizabeth Cranmer said...

These are lovely! I've been going through my own summer images and Feel the need to get the favourites that never made it up to the blog.

Did you assemble this tent yourselves? Or was it a rental of sorts? Either way it looks like a perfect solitude way of camping.


Cheri said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! These are so fabulous and just exactly perfect in every way - the reminder of warmer days, the sweet faces I love, the visual beauty. Perfectly edenlang. I couldn't pick a favourite no matter how long I tried but I do love Ysa's round cheeks and sweet nose - she has grown up a lot in the few months since these were taken.

Love you!

Unknown said...

I can't tell you how much I love these Eden! So so great. It's usually February when it hits me hardest that I'm done with winter and NEED summer to come asap!

Leanne said...

Eden! I LOVE these pictures. Your little family looks so grown up. xoxo

Alex Mac said...

This is so cool!!! Who knew camping could be so elegant? But one question... Where did you guys sleep?
Sending your fam lots of hugs!
xo Alex

ec said...

what a beautiful life you live. thanks for sharing a tiny bit of it with us.

marialang said...

I agree with above. You live a beautiful life :) I love your sweet little family so much!

Suzy Hicks said...

So fun! YOu are far more outdoorsy than me! (is outdoorsy a word?)So, if we move to Idaho (Boise) would you come teach us to do outdoorsy stuff? That's where we want to go and apparently there's a lot to do around there that is outdoorsy. Do you like how many times I've used outdoorsy? I'll stop now.