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Califonia: no shame as we were the penultimate tourists. Renting tandom bikes (despite my cane), hitting museums, and eating amazingly unhealthy yet incredibly yummy food. I wonder if everyone eats their way from Little Denmark's bakerys to boardwalks?! We stayed in some beautiful little hotels and I was even able to walk without my cane for a few days! So simple, but I really feel there couldn't be anything better than a few days to breat in the ocean air and reconnect.

Contax 645 Fuji film Kodak


Unknown said...

I love it! Such beautiful images and you perfectly captured the charm and beauty of the spots you were in. Really beautiful work.

Cheri said...

What a wonderful break for you guys. Love the images - always excited to see the world through your eyes. You see it in such a lovely way, and have the talent to capture that.

Anonymous said...

A cane?! Oh Eden my heart aches for you! I spent the better part of January and February of this year bedridden due to debilitating back pain. We are much to young for this nonsense! I thought I had tried everything but my pain and desperation pushed me even deeper to find solutions. If you ever feel like grabbing a tea, I am all ears and heart. Love, Sam daSilva

Unknown said...

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Express Those Feelings said...

You will know it when it hits you...eventually.
Supposedly everyone is different...but I am not so sure.
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