Taking a moment.

So this last weekend I had a wedding to shoot, only problem was the pouring rain. So I asked Joy to watch the kids so that Daylan could hold an umbrella over me and my camera (very very important). And even though it was wet and cold we had a really great time. It's been a while since we spent the day without kids and though I love them dearly it was very...refreshing.

After the wedding we were tired and on our way home when I saw this parked train, and just had to get some pictures! I'm glad Day was up for it. Often my favorite memories are the things that aren't planned. This was one of those moments I hope I won't forget. At this moment I felt so blessed with all I have in life.

The camera is tilted (it's just resting on the car), my pants are falling down and the timer went before we were ready but, so much fun!

You have to live here to appreciate the southern Alberta wind!


Just me. On a train. Oh so natural.

This is going to sound soooo stink'in cheesy but I love this guy more than I could ever express. Daylan does so much for me...come to think of it though, I do a lot for him too! Ha-ha. I guess that's why we work. Love ya pal.


Unknown said...

too sweet...love ya

- day

Jocelyn Allan said...

These are adorable! You guys look great!

Jamie said...

Hey you - I saw your link on Jocelyn's blog - I LOVE your pix. Do you do family pictures? My little blog isn't quite as fun with super pictures, but it's http://popowich.mapledesign.ca/

Niki Carter said...

Those are awsome shots! YOu look so stinkin' cute in your hat! I love the one of you where you can't hardly see your eyes! You have a hot hubby! So are you lovin' So you think you can dance as much as I am?? Love ya, Niki