A late mothers day celebration

Today was a good day for home made soup and fresh baked cookies. Its was rainy, cold and we were looking for an excuse to get together. hhhmmmmmm. We hadn't celebrated mothers day with Grandma yet! So that's what we did. Its was really fun. Grandy and the kids baked and Aubrie made herself sick off of cookie dough! Oh the poor little thing. She snuck about four cookie worth of dough (coincidentally she also learned how to say "eeeewwwwww"). WE had a lot of fun. And since I am so gunho about this blog right now I thought I would post the fun!

"Peeeeeeeaaaaaace!!!" This is one mouthful of cookie dough.

waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting...all the hard work is about to pay off.-cookies!-

Four generations!

Jane is so patient with Aubrie constantly taking a NUK in order to give a NUK.

Aubrie is head over heals for her little cousin Jane. I was never able to get her to take a NUK as a baby but now that she sees what they are for she keeps taking Jane's and sneaking a suck. It's really quite funny if you catch her in the act!

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Niki Carter said...

I love the picture of the four generations! Your mom looks really good. I'm so gald that you decided to do a blog. Your pictures are always so amazing and I am glad to be able to see your growing family. I miss you! I don't have unlimited Canada on my phone anymore so that's why I haven't called for so long. My cell number is 281-851-2952 if you have the ability to call me. I wish we could get together!