The Perfect Belly

Kristin is one of Jonathons life long friends. When he asked if I would do her pregnancy pictures I was thrilled. Little did I know that I would be photographing the world's most perfect belly! Cream skin, soft and round, and Kristin looked so gentle and beautiful. What you can't see in these pictures that I have chosen is how much fun we had. At points I was laughing so hard I thought I might drop my camera! When we asked Jon (Kristin's husband) to join us for a few pictures, he made my heart skip a beat. The way they worked together...they are such an amazing couple. I wish you both the best with this little one and truly hope I can make it back again to see the three of you when there is three of you to see:)


Heidi Allred said...

These are really great Eden! You are so talented at getting those sweet candid moments!

Jocelyn Allan said...

Hey I don't have your address for sending Christmas cards--could you send it to me please?

Cheri said...

These pictures make me wish I was Kristin! What beautiful images.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

WOW! Not many photographers that I have seen have ever captured the topless preg. shots as well as you. Beautiful job! It looks so natural for her to be wrapped up standing there with the world behind her. So many get a relaly acquired look but, these read nothing but grace and tranquility.

You have such talent! Makes me want to have you do my preg shots this time round.

Oh and that truly is a perfect belly!