Snow Queens and Elves

I know that this is a time for everyone to be running about and getting last minute stuff done...but we have to slow down and enjoy the sweet little Christmas moments that pass us by too quickly. Here are a few of my sweet little Christmas moments: Aubrie loves the Nutcracker and so when we found this tutu at the store she dropped her pants the moment she saw it and there was no taking it off her! She all but sleeps in that pink disaster! lol. Aubrie is really a pink kinda of girl, its so much fun. She is constantly dancing around the house demanding an audience. Then Deacon has been doing all kinds of fun stuff at school but I thought I would show you one of his shinning moments this month. He was THE cutest little elf on stage with his little ears pushed out and he sang his little heart out (some how he ended up in front of the mic and I couldn't hide my grin). I was unfortunately one of those moms practically waving her son down and taking pictures. Couldn't help it!!! If you can't see him, he is the one with the big red circle around his head with a arrow...just in case you couldn't find him in the mess of elves! Hope everyone is having fun getting ready for the big day:)

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Cheri said...

Indeed the cutest elf!!! How blessed we are to have elves and snow queens in our midst. Love them to bits!