Hiking with the Litchfield Crew

We hiked up to Grassy Lakes a couple of weeks ago and it was so fun to spend some time with my cousins from out of town. Thank you Spencer for taking Aubs up (on your shoulders! wow.) And Dad...you are so so cute! You and little Theo together, just makes me smile so big. Love you!


H and E said...

Wow that looks so pretty, you will have to let me know where it is. Hank and I are trying to do as much hiking as we can this summer!

P.S. Hope the passport picture taking went well. Lets just say it took me more than one time to the wal-mart to survive the ordeal!

Cheri said...

LOVE them! Thanks Eden for always documenting our 'times'. You are the best!!!!

And Dad and Theo are pretty darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Aubrie kills me!...that hat and sparkle pants. she is the best.


Hannah said...

what a fun day!!
I like the one of deacon and day, the lighting is neat, which is impressive considering it was in a dark cave. I can't capture light like that when the sun is shining!