so loved.

I am shaking my head even now. How could I be so clumsy? Friday night after "Trunk or Treat" I tripped over Aubs. Sigh. Honestly!? I tripped over my little girl and broke my toe. Embarrassing? A little. Funny? Kinda. Now I am hobbling around the house with Ysa in my arms and Aubs as my constant shadow. Really how can I not laugh at this? Aubrie and Deacon have been so sweet. Tonight as we got ready for Grandma to come over so I could run to the Doctor Aubs offered to Vacuum. And she did. She Vacuumed the main level in her T-shirt and underwear! It was so sweet of her. Then she wiped down the table and chairs. My little four year old is already taking care of me. I feel so completely loved.

(A friend of mine had us over for pictures and dinner. She even invited me to play in her studio for a little bit. I had SO much fun!
Thanks Heidi)


H and E said...

Love the curlers....a staple when you are a child!

Heidi Allred said...

these turned out cute!

paula said...

what a sweetie. Hope you feel better soon.

(oh and kj wants to be friends with the bear girl)

Anonymous said...

Hope your foot feels better. If you need anything let us know, but I'm sure Grandma and kids had a fun time.

Aubs is so sweet and what a good girl. You also must be a good mum for her to know those things at the age of 4.

Cheri said...

Poor lucky you! Poor toe - lucky mom. Aubrie is pretty special for sure.

And of the bzillion beautiful pictures you have taken of Aubs, these have to rank in the very top of my favorites. Love, love them!

day said...

Eden - I love these. Oh, and I did a bit of research and apparently rest and using crutches does in fact help in the healing...so continuing to walk on your fractured toe is actually not so good sweetie. So please start taking it easy - love you ;)

Unknown said...

Her expression in the second photo is priceless. What a sweet little one. Hope the toe heals fast!

Stephanie Motz Skinner said...

Dear Eden,

As I read through your blog, I feel inspired. As a photographer I'm inspired by your photography. As a person, by your heart. A beautiful heart that inspires me to be better: a better sister, a better wife, a better daughter and friend. I can see why you are so loved. and why you deserve it. Because as I browse through your personal posts all I see is the love you have for your family. How great of a mother, sister and wife you are.

I'm sure your sister is smiling. Ysa is in loving hands.

God Bless you.