Freshly Picked

I wanted to thank you again for those adorable moccasins! Saying we have loved them isn't enough. Ysa has worn those little things almost every day this summer. They went with everything!!!!! and everyone always LOVED them including little miss Ysa. Thank you again for your kindness. You really touched us with your generosity.

If I have some moms who might be reading this, these are the shoes for those babies!!! They are butter soft, and stay on those chubby little feet so nicely. I thought it would be fun to share these shoes as I figured any Mother and Grandma would love to spoils their little ones with them:) Honestly, take a minute and check them out, even the Kardashian baby has a pair!

Thanks again Susan.
Lots of love,
Eden and Ysa.

Fuji Film

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Cheri said...

I love these pictures. Ysa's sweet chubbiness just kills me. And I just have to add my endorsement for the moccasins - they are perfectly buttery soft adorableness on her.