We stopped by Uncle Dean's on the way home from Waterton. Sadly Ysa fell asleep and slept right through the adventure. Our sweet little baby woke up just as we were getting ready to say good bye to the horses. But we were able to snap a couple quick polaroids before heading out...

Some moments just seem to smile.
(Horse back riding at Great Uncle Deans in Southern Alberta for Aubrie's 5th Bithday.)

Fuji Film
Polaroid FP 100C


Anonymous said...

I love these Eden!! One of our best days this summer!



Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Beautiful! I love the two of them together, pals. The scarf on her head is just such a sweet sense of make believe and adventure.

What a pretty birthday wish.

Anonymous said...

Dear Eden:

They not only smile, but wrap you in a warm hug as well. Beautiful.


Cheri said...

I agree with Daylan - one of the very best days of the summer. We had so much fun - I loved watching the kids as they had this experience. Love the pictures too.