Happy birthday Merin.

...we are going to go out tonight to celebrate for you. Just us girls. I love you and miss you so much.
your big sister.


Day said...

Absolutely beautiful - what a blessing to have all the photos to go along with all our memories of Merin and Mikey. I know this is one of those tough days that seem come but isn't it nice that we can celebrate her. Thinking of you...



H and E said...

Happy Birthday Merin...Eden I hope that today you can remember all the good times you celebrated with Merin. I love you and will be thinking of you and you family. Have fun with the girls tongiht!

stilljoie said...

beautiful photographs.

i met merin via john g, who was my roomate, and i met mike via the edworthy ysa. mike used to ask me about the status of john & merin and i never knew anything. i guess mike had been eyeing merin for a while.

beautiful people.

another roommate, logan o, showed me your blog because some of his engagement photos were posted there.


maria said...

Happy Birthday Merin. I know today is a hard day but I also know that today she will be beautifully celebrated. Love ya lots.

Anonymous said...


What beautiful photos, what beautiful memories.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh Eden.What a beautiful way to celebrate Merin's birthday.

You have no idea who I am but I have been following your blog ever since Merin and Mike's horrible accident. I have been very proud of you .You have handled a heart breaking life changing tragedy with grace and dignity.

Ysa is so fortunate to have you as her "Mom".

On the night of the accident one of our son's friends witnessed the accident. It had a profound effect on him.To try and help him be not quite so traumatized I found your blog your wonderful photography and all of the updates on Ysa.He has been thrilled to watch her progress.

Have a wonderful evening celebrating Merin and keep your memories ever fresh.


Alex Mac said...

Beautiful pictures Eden! I miss her very much. And these photos remind me of what a beautiful person she was and how lucky I am to have been a part of her life.

Happy Birthday Merin!


Suzy Hicks said...

Eden, I've been thinking of everyone today. I hope you had a good time celebrating and remembering Merin. xox.