In my Mom's sewing room there is a perfect corner. A spot where us kids and the Grandkids like to sit quietly and watch my mom work. The little ones often play on their own or read books or simply just sit and listen as my Mom and I talk. She has sewn many beautiful pieces for her five kids and now the grandkids. My wedding dress along with Merin and Hannah's. Many dance costumes for Merin including tutu's.
Its always a comforting room for me. Recently my mom has been working on some really sweet things for Ysa, and Aubrie was sitting in the corner. It was quiet and the sun was warming the rooms so softly. These images mean so much to me in my moms space where we share so many memories, then with Merin's tutu and a basket of her point shoes and my sweet little girls:)
Mom, thank you so much for every bit of your talent that you so willingly share.


Contax 645


Katie said...

I love these photos! They feel cozy and homey. I want a room to sew with a sweet little corner like this.


i have loving memories of sitting and watching mom mother sew too. I feel so special that she was able to sew my wedding dress. I love having such a talented mother!

Cheri said...

Oh Eden! I love these beautiful pictures of your sweet girls. I love you. And I love that you see me so generously. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful! Poignant!


H and E said...

Seriously could Aubrey get anymore gorgeous? And can I please have her sweater in my size?? Wnat a beautiful memory you captured here. Ysa is getting so big I can harldy stand it!

maria lang said...

You already know I think your mom is out of this world! and so are YOU and so are your girls. xoxoxo such sweet photos.


they're growing up so fast! such beauties!

Anonymous said...

just have to say how much I love these photos, these are seriously great