Jordon Hone

This shoot was really so fun...and can I just say how much I love grain and movement in black and white film. I know its not for everyone but it makes me smile.

Kodak TX 400
Fuji 400H


Renee Arianna said...

I love your work! It's so beautiful!

Cheri said...

Cool. Very cool. I like these, a lot!

Meredith said...

Eden, this is so random but he was in my biology class in high school. I really like these pictures- I am doing a photography course and I cannot wait for the b&w section. Your pictures make me so excited to keep learning. :D

Anonymous said...

Great work Eden - I dig the location of these photos.


maria lang said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! :) xoxoxo

Dana said...

Love these images... & Jordon is HAWT!!! ;) xo