Oh- the stomach flu! In my mind nothing is worse than little ones dealing with this. And its been a month and a half of on and off sick babes in our home. Passing it back and forth between them and really its no wonder when Ysa feels she needs to shadow her sister from morn to night. So how do I break the spell between these two when they are sick? To try and keep the healthy away from the sick?! Cleaning everything in sight wasn't enough. Laundry was impossible to keep on top of.  So when my little Aubrie was leaning over the toilet with an upset stomach it really was little surprise to find Ysa at her heals. The part that tickled me was when Ysa cries out in utter frustration that she wanted to be sick too.  Nothing is really any good unless its just like her big sister. So if Aubrie had an upset stomach then she would too. Simple and true as that. She leaned into the toilet when Aubrie did and would not be talked out of it. Try as I might to convince my sweet little girl that she really needed to give Aubrie some space...no. Tried distracting her...no. I even stooped to bribing...no. She knew where she had to be and that determined babe was immovable! Once Aubrie started to feel better she found the couch. However Ysa instantly seated herself on that vacant stool resting her head on the toilet seat and mimicked the face of misery. Funny little thing. We seem to have finally beaten this flu and I couldn't be happier to see color back in their plump little cheeks.


Cheri said...

I love to see you writing again!!!! You do it so well. And to chronicle these moments that you think you could never forget but trust me, as precious as they are many of them get lost.

It makes my heart happy to see the love and tenderness between your girls. Reminds me of two other little girls.

Love you...Mom

The pic is sweet too.

Anonymous said...

I also am just delighted with the description of these two. - And your mom is right. The moments evaporate so it is wonderful to have the chronicle.


paula said...

Happy you all are on the mends! We have seen it slowly pass from all our friends. Now its the waiting game to see if we all get it. Boo. Hope you are well!!!

Jonathon said...

Finally you are writing again!!! I LOVE to read the stories and emotions behind your art. It gives meaning and depth to the beauty and you have such a unique and easy style.

And in this case it's so fun to take the image and turn it into a short film in my mind as I read - I can totally see little Ysa mimicking Aubry as she wishes she had the flu! Funny little creature! LOL

Thanks for sharing. I love it.

Unknown said...

So precious. What little sweethearts.