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With winter just outside our doors its nice to feel the moody light wrap around us. To turn up the heat and listen to the whirl of the furnace. There is so much to be done in December, the lists are long and fun. Yet if you can manage to steal just part of a day to pull back the sheets and snuggle those bare toed babes it's heaven :)

Contax 645


Cheri said...

There is no doubt that Tiff is very beautiful. You have caught her so perfectly. These pictures are .... heaven. Soft, lovely, warm, moody. I know I will come back to look at them again and again.

love you:)

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Eden the last 2 posts are just beyond! SO lovely. I love the frost and your parents, love birds no doubt. And oh that baby!! Your SIL how gorgeous, she is.
I love the light and grain and mood of it all.
So inspiring.

maria lang said...

Holy wow is she ever incredibly gorgeous!! So lovely!!

Hannah said...

So beautiful Eden, your pictures are incredible, your talent is insane! Seriously I can't say it enough, and of course beautiful Tiff, and babes, such natural beauty.

Jonathon said...

Tiff is going to cherish these photos forever. The serenity and calmness that she has is so articulated in your photos. I love it. So soft and comfortable and feminine.