My very own little engineer that could!

It's about as official as it gets now. We are graduated!!!! It's done. No more lonely nights at home with the kids while Daylan studies. Saturdays are a family affair! WOW. That one is HUGE. It's been a long time coming, and Daylan is a Engineer Graduate! Well, here he is. My knight in shining armor...

Proud Wife-Happy Husband-and two very tired kids.

The only thing this little tyke has graduated from is potty training, but if you ask me I'd say that deserves a little more than a meir three hour ceremony! I'm looking for Banners, confetti, cake, and whats a party without a marching band! I think that would be adequate to celebrate the end of diapers! Wouldn't you agree?

And these are my smarty pants boys!!!

I am so so so proud of Daylan and his last four years, however Aubrie and Deacon were...well it was a long three hours!


Maria Lang said...
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Nana said...

Congratulations Daylan! Nice to see the wonderful pictures of Eden and kids too. Another proud moment for the grandparents and families.
How about some more photos of the kids.

Nana Lang

Merin said...

Ohhhhhh....Eden, cool pics man! I have the coolest sister ever! Ps. Daylan, congrats. What a big boy!