What is a bridal shower?

Really though. What is a bridal shower. Why a "shower". Deacon asked me these questions as I was stepping out the door on my way to Merin's shower. I simply kissed his little nose and explained its just a party for girls. I don't know, does that suffice? I suppose so as it seemed to satisfy him. Then as I drove to the shower I thought of all the fun things we do as girls!

This is my 21 month old! Yes, she is indulging in a cup cake. No, she did not have only one. How many? I am not totally sure, to be honest. However I did notice that she may have had one too many. Ha-ha. She definitely enjoyed herself.

Please note the coat...

Do you see the wheels turning? hhhhhmmmmmmm.

Dress-up. What girl, big or little can resist a chance to play dress-up? Especially when there is a coat this magnificent!

A squeeze, a kiss, and she is off again.

Sure why not? I mean from time to time we all find ourselves sitting on coat racks with our clothing on our heads, right?! Or perhaps is it possible that this wee little one has had a few too many treats at this point of the evening. And what is that look in her eyes? I think it might be pure happiness. I wish half a dozen cup cakes had that effect on me still. Honestly!

Slowly coming off her sugar high. Poor child. She was actually rocking back and forth saying "boo" over and over. A few of the older girls were getting a kick out of it. I on the other hand was dreading the low that follows! Am I alone on this? Oh and here comes the kicker...we were yet to have dinner! How much actual food do you think she ate?! Not much.

Oh, right. In case you were wondering, here is the bride to be!!!
Only a month to go Mer!


Cheri said...

How very fun! Loved every picture and comment. I am so proud of you and your work - both as a photographer and as a mom! You are amazing!!!!

Niki Carter said...

I envy my kids all of the time for the guiltless sugar that they can eat! I guess you get to do that as well! I hope we can eat what we want in heaven! Isn't it a shower because we "shower" the bride with gifts??

Jocelyn Allan said...

We ARE going to be coming to Calgary on the 19th of June. Unfortunately, it is only for two days (we have to come watch Warde's dad recieve some "life time achievment award" in Edmonton. I'm thinking that we probably won't have any time for anything else ~sad :( Other than that, we MIGHT make it up for Stampede. If we do, we'll give you a call!